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Plastic Sign Letters



 Formed Plastic Letter
Formed Plastic Sign Letters are available in a variety of colors and over 100 standard styles.  We have listed each of the formed plastic letter styles and have attempted to show a good representation of the plastic letter colors for you here online. Please let us know if we've missed something that is important for the understanding of these plastic product lines. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the correct plastic letters for your project, and that you are as informed as possible about all of your options...

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Formed Plastic LettersWe provide Formed Plastic Letters from several of the finest manufacturers, including Gemini.  Unless otherwise specified, we will supply Gemini Formed Plastic Letters, as they have our highest recommendation. These plastic letters are extremely durable.  Gemini formed plastic letters and logos are thermoformed from cellulose acetate butyrate extruded by Gemini. By extruding their own raw materials, Gemini is able to produce a thicker, more durable plastic letter with greater color consistency and surface quality. These letters and logos are unique in that unlike oil based acrylics, CAB is a wood and cotton based plastic giving greater impact resistance, weatherability and more flexibility in recreating your designs.

Gemini material is guaranteed not to chip, crack or fade.
They are so sure of the durability of these formed plastic letters, molded plastic letters and flat plastic letters that they will replace them if they ever chip, crack or fade due to a manufacturing defect.

We offer over 100 letter styles and 30 standard colors!
Choose from block, script, or special letter styles. Several bold and extended fonts to select from.  Our range of standard formed letter colors should fit your needs, but if not, we offer custom colors as well.

Full range of customization options available.
If over 100 styles and 30 colors are just not enough for you, we can customize our process to match nearly any design you might have. From one copy, ten copies, fifty, a hundred or more... we can provide you with corporate identity that stands out!

Costs less because we recycle!
Gemini's CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) is a renewable resource material with incredible resiliency. It allows the use of any scrap, returned product, or factory rejects in new product to keep material usage to an absolute minimum. These savings from recycling are passed on to you!

Our formed plastic letters offer greater dimension than flat cut acrylic which means your project will "stand out" more.  Yes, pun was intended...


We also provide Flat Plastic Letters.