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" So by using your service... the whole sign cost me a little over $1200. A local sign company quoted me almost $3000 for just the logo, letters and mounting, so I thank God that I discovered your business on the WWW. I found your workmanship on the letters and logo as being very precise and attractive. If I ever attempt at another project like this I will certainly call upon your service again. "

-John C Treml

We are committed to providing our clients with professional sign letters and other high quality lettering products with courteous service from our knowledgeable staff.
-Sign Letters, Inc.

Installation Tips

Okay, No. We don't come to your building to install your sign products, but we will be here to assist your installers. Our sign letters are fairly easy to install on your building, using our spacing templates or drilling patterns. When its time to install your signage, just give us a call if you need some pointers.  We're here to help! Look here for tips.