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Injection Molded Plastic Sign Letters

Plastic Letter from Sign Letters OnlinePlastic letters does not have to mean cheap sign letters. The Minnesota brand of injection molded plastic letters can provide great looking lettering for your sign, whether you are installing them on an exterior brick wall on your building or an interior wall, like a reception area or lobby wall sign. These high quality plastic sign letters are produced by the world leaders in dimensional letters and are guaranteed not to fade or break - for LIFE!  I know it seems like a stretch in reason, however they really are guaranteed for life so your sign should last for quite a good while.

Plastic sign letters from this product line are available in pigmented white and black, however there are many standard colors that are painted (at NO extra cost) on your sign letters and carry the same guarantee not to fade, etc.  These are inexpensive plastic letters, but they are not the cheap plastic letters you might see others companies offer. These truly are premium sign letters.

Why Buy These Sign Letters?

That is a fair question. What makes these sign letters different? The answer: The process of injection molding makes these plastic letters with sharp, clean edges. But that is just the tip of the iceburg... Injection molding allows for an almost perfect level of precission and consistency between letters, each sign letter being practically identical to the next! There is also the greater thickness of plastic (than formed sign letters) which produces a very stable, sturdy sign letter.  The injection molded plastic sign letters that we supply are Minnesota Injection Molded Plastic Sign Lettersbased on an all-natural plastic (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate - CAB) derived from cotton and wood fibers, which makes it a stronger plastic and more durable than acrylic.

These sign letters provide for keeping cost-effectiveness while allowing for quick delivery and ease of installation with either studs or pads. They are lightweight sign letters for exhibits and displays, but they have great durability to withstand any weather conditions. From a design prospective, this product provides sign letters with the clean crisp look of cast metal at the price of plastic letters.

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