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Cast Metal Letters

Cast Metal Sign Letters


Cast Metal Sign Letters from Sign Letters OnlineCast Metal Sign Letters are available from several of the world's finest metal sign letter casting foundries. Cast Metal Sign Letters offer greater dimension than would a flat cut metal letter which means your sign project will "stand out" more when you use our cast aluminum sign letters or cast bronze sign letters. We have attempted to show a good representation of the sign letter metal finishes for you here online. Please let us know if we've missed something that would help you make the right decision on the sign letters for your sign...

Cast Metal Sign Letters with Stud MountingThese Cast Metal sign letters can be produced using one of these fine sign letter metals: Aluminum, Bronze, or Brass.  The image shown to the right demonstrates the stud mounting nature of our cast metal sign letters by showing the rear of a cast bronze sign letter.  These studs hold the sign letters in position and may be used to extend the sign letters away from the building or sign surface with the use of our sign letter mounting spacers.  Installers could also make use of jam nuts with these studs to control the sign letter mounting offset from the building.  We provide cast metal letters with studs of 3" in length, however, you may request stud lengths from 1" to 6" when you order your cast metal sign letters.

We will attempt to answer any questions you may have about our cast metal sign letter products, here on our website dedicated to sign letters; however, if we have failed to provide the exact information that you require to make an informed decision for your sign project... contact one of our helpful reps today!  Our desire is that you get the right sign letters and get them installed correctly.

You can select either the cast aluminum letter category or the cast bronze letters from below:

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