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Metal Letters

Metal Sign Letters

Metal Sign Letters


Metal Sign Letters are available in a variety of metal letter finishes and most any typestyle using flat cut metal letter materials.  We have listed only a small selection of typestyles, and we have attempted to show a good representation of the metal letter finishes for you here online. Please let us know if we've missed something...

Metal Sign Letters or Custom LogoThe Metal letters or custom logo art for your sign project will be produced using the method of Water-Jet cutting.  The detail available in metal letter styles or your metal logos using Water-Jet cutting is super high quality.

You will be amazed at the beautiful results.  Water-Jet Cutting allows us to reproduce fine detail in your custom cut metal sign letters or custom logo (like the horse image to the left) than we can reproduce using the old out-dated method of Router Cutting. Router cutting is so "yesterday" -- we only offer water-jet cutting for our flat cut metals.  :)

When it comes to using the best in metal letter products, we have got you covered.  Our metal letters are great for exterior signs, interior signage (like wall letters, lettering for the office lobby, lettering and logo wall sign, etc.), and many more business signage uses.

Our Gemini metal letters are guaranteed for life!


We have highlighted these on our Cast Metal Sign Letters page.