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Plastic Sign Letters



 Flat-cut Plastic Letter
We provide various types of plastic letters for use on building signage, both interior and exterior.  Our goal is to make sure that you receive the correct plastic letters for your sign project, and that you are as informed as possible about all of your options...

View our Flat Plastic Letters


We provide high quality Flat Plastic Letters which are produced using high powered laser cutting equipment in an assortment of acrylic thicknesses. Sign letters produced with this laser cutting technology provide a finished ( polished ) edge on the plastic sign letters. Some sign letter styles or logos can only be produced using laser cutting due to complex designs or small letter size.  Laser cut flat plastic sign letters can be added to your interior or exterior building signage project by applying the letters using one of several mounting methods to choose from.

We provide flat plastic letters for signs in an almost unlimited assortment of colors (including plastic letter colors and painted plastic colors) to satisfy even the most picky designers and architects.


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We also provide slotted plastic letters for changeable theater marquee letter systems.  See our Slotted Changeable Plastic Sign Letters to add replacement characters to your theater sign lettering kit.  <learn more> <buy now>