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Bronze Sign Letters


Our Bronze Metal Sign Letters are available in two production methods for use in your building lettering or business sign project. These are really great looking sign letters (maybe we have a slight bias, but they really are great looking... honest!). We have listed the bronze letter production methods that we offer below.


Cast Bronze Sign Letters

These high quality exterior building letters are produced the old fashion way, using premium molten bronze which is poured into individual custom virgin sand molds for each and every letter, logo, etc. These beautiful 3-D sign letters will usually have a hollow back (not seen once installed). The sand casting mold is removed and the letter enters the finishing stages (sanding, polishing, coating, etc.) where it is made beautiful by skilled craftsmen. These bronze letters provide more depth (3-D appearance) than the flat cut-out bronze letters shown next, however, other than letter depth the two are really the same in appearance.

Flat-Cut Bronze Sign Letters

With this method each part of the order is cut out of a flat sheet of bronze metal (at whatever thickness is required for the order) which provides a completely solid letter (front and back). These letters will look almost identical to the cast bronze letters. Any difference is difficult to notice and the two methods are often used on the same sign project without any adverse appearance (ie. sign letters may be cast bronze while the custom logo is flat-cut bronze).


Choose from these production methods for bronze letters...