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Formed Plastic Sign Letters

Plastic letters for signs which have been formed to shape by heating plastic sheet material and then vacuum forming the heated material over various molds. This type of lettering will actually offer a great amount of value for your sign advertising dollar. We have attempted to show you many of the options available and much of the variety of these dimensional plastic sign letters that we have available... from the more traditional typestyles to the more ornamental design styles, and then there are the script typestyles to choose from. Plastic sign letters never looked so good, or lasted so long... these are guaranteed for life by the manufacturer.

Buying Formed Plastic Sign Letters?

Formed plastic sign letters installed on front of buildingThey are molded with a flat-face profile, a rounded profile, a beveled (or prismatic) face or a type of sculpted face profile. When the plastic letters are viewed on your sign each one will most likely reflect the sign lighting (natural or artificial light) in a unique way. Since each plastic letter will have these slight variations in lighting, the sign takes on more of a 3-D attraction.  Made from the finest non-oil based material, (known as C.A.B.) these plastic letters are guaranteed not to chip, crack or even fade in color.  Oh yeah, since our suppliers recycle all excess in the materials being used in the manufacturing process, and the material for the letters is from a renewable resource... these letters are pretty green, if you know what I mean ;-)

With more than 60 standard typestyles to choose from, you should find a good match for your sign project. Our formed letters can be painted almost any color to match you design requirements, however there are plenty of standard colors to choose from. If you do need it, there is an almost endless array of custom colors that can be matched for a small fee. These plastic sign letters are able to ship out in under 10 working days (and many times they are out the door in less than 5 days... that is a really fast turn-a-round, even if I say so myself). They are made from a renewable resource plastic material and are guaranteed to last! - Just for the record, the sign letters are guaranteed ... but, that is not a guarantee that you'll succeed in business, or win the battle with your competitor, or make a million bucks, or anything like that. [ just sayin' ]

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