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Sprue Tab Letters Kit - 3" Roman Style - White

Tab letters for directory signs which use this type of tabbed lettering. Use our economy universal tab style plastic changeable letters, numbers, and symbols to place your custom message onto your directory or readerboard. Our economy universal tab sign letters are manufactured to fit almost any changeable letterboard, menus, directory, etc. and will provide years of service.

These high impact economy directory letters feature precision-molded, bottom balanced tabs for easy use and superb gripping ability. Our economy tab letters are also versatile, with only the bottom balanced tab on each character, these letters can be used with all changeable tabbed letter readerboards and directories. Our economy universal tab sign letters can be used as replacement sign letters for directories, menu signs, message boards, price boards, duty boards, etc.

The only color we offer is White. Each sprue set has a large selection of letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Product Note: Non-Returnable Product
    Our customers should be aware of variations inherent within these letter types. The letters are produced in rather large batches (5,000 - 10,000 sets) for each style and size. There is a possibility of coloring variations from set to set, even among "white" letters. Please be aware that although an attempt is made to minimize the variance within each order, we cannot guarantee that no variation will occur. There is no way to assure you of a match with existing letter sets.
  • Kit Contains 145 characters
Our Price $65.00