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8" Zip-Change 3D Letter Kit


Wagner Zip-Change Halftone 3D style  8" changeable copy sign letters (10" background) have the same letter shape as our standard Zip Change letters but they present a 3D appearance through the use of a halftone print (a collection of printed dots which appear as a shaded area of ink). These pieces can be combined as replacement 3D sign letters with other brands of high quality changeable copy readerboard letters (like Pronto letters from Gemini) for use with a variety of readerboard systems.

These are not the thin "blow-away" type letters which are the very flexible sign letters commonly used on small portable signs. Our Zip Change replacement sign letters from Wagner Zip-Change are very rigid and durable and will offer years of service on your reader board without turning yellow or warping out of shape!  All of our Zip Change reader board letters from Wagner have clear acrylic backgrounds with clear coating to help prevent scratching.

8" Zip-Change 3-D letter with background panel of 10" high.

This Wagner Zip Change replacement sign letter kit offers the standard mixture of letters and numbers for normal sign use.

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