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Do you stand behind your letters?

We will not come to your building and physically stand there, behind your letters... however, we do extend the guarantee of the letter manufacturers.

Lifetime Guarantee on All Gemini Products...
When we say Lifetime Guarantee we mean it. If ever a Gemini product fails, whether it breaks, cracks, chips, fades or fails to look as good as the day it was shipped to you, we will replace that product no questions asked. We simply require a return of the defective product.

No other products are guaranteed, except that they will look great when you get them ;-)

Can I return the letters if we change our mind?

No. Most of the letters (along with drilling templates, etc.) for your project will be CUSTOM produced for YOUR order and should be considered NON-returnable.

We have established a policy which allows for a small credit for returned products (approx. 30%) which we might use for samples or to recycle the raw materials.

We provide fast turn-around service on our sign letter orders and often there may be no way to "cancel" an order (without some charges) once it enters the production que. Please check your order carefully.

What is meant by 12" Letter?

Letter sizing will be based upon the CAPITAL height for the particular font chosen. So, for most fonts, letters such as "E" and "T" will have an actual height that should be close to the selected height (this example = 12"). Other letters such as "J" and "S" will have an actual height which is greater than the selected height (let's say maybe = 12 1/2" or 12 3/4" total height).

All lettering, unless otherwise noted, will be "based" upon the specified Capital (Cap.) height, which means the specified Cap. height becomes a reference to proportionally gauge the sizing of all characters within that font.

Think about it... as you look at the lettering within this answer you will see uppercase and lowercase lettering. The uppercase "T" which begins this sentence will not have the same height as the lowercase "e" which accompanies it in the same word. An uppercase "A" and a lowercase "a" will not be the same height. Our sizing of letters and numbers will be based upon the standard proportional sizing of each font according to the inter-relationships designed into that particular font. This is common practice.

Please contact our helpful reps at with any further questions.

Do you still offer "Free Shipping"?

We no longer offer FREE UPS Ground Shipping. We needed to change our shipping policy due to increases in our costs.

Since a simple business rule is that someone must pay for each benefit (someone, somewhere, must pay for everything), we would rather each order carry its own shipping costs. That way you are not paying a higher cost because of shipping other's larger orders to them. After several reviews, we believe our shipping charges are extremely fair.

Do you accept any returns?

All packages must be checked immediately and any problems reported to us within 10 days of delivery. After this 10 day period of time we will not be able to honor any requests for returns for exchange or refund. Please inspect packages and contents carefully for letters, spelling of wording, layout of patterns, etc. Mistakes do happen (we are all capable of making an error), and we will try to be flexible; however, we will need to have these requests submitted prior to your job being cleared as "completed" so that our internal systems continue efficiently.

Custom products will NOT be accepted for return, unless manufacturing is defective or we caused an error in your order. Please check your order carefully, as these products are produced "at your command" and it is your responsibility to see that your order is submitted correctly. Any exceptions to this policy will be based upon our usability of the returned products for samples, etc.

Certain non-customized products (changeable letters, storage cabinets, changing poles, etc.) will be accepted for returns under MOST circumstances with an approved RMA number from our offices. When we agree to accept a return for such products, the credit for this return will be issued for the purchase price, LESS our actual shipping expenses, LESS a re-stocking fee of 20% of the product price.

Sometimes mistakes will take place... we will attempt to be flexible where this is possible, however, we spend hours helping people as they work to decide correctly. We do not decide for you... the responsibility to choose the correct product rests with you.

Do you install letters?

No. We only provide the letters (along with hardware, drilling templates, etc.) for you to install. You can utilize existing personnel in your company or hire an independent contractor to install the letters.

We do provide personalized help for your installers. They may reach us via email at and request a call-back from someone that can help "walk" them through the entire installation process.

Can you bill me after I receive my letters?

No. Most of the letters (along with drilling templates, etc.) for your project will be custom produced for your order and should be paid for prior to production.

We have established a policy which allows for a deposit payment prior to production (at least 50%) with any remaining balance to be received prior to shipping.

Most orders are paid for (in advance) via credit card (VISA,MC,AMEX,DISCOVER) through the PayPal system, which has appeared to work well for most organizations ordering from us. Some organizations choose to pay via a check, which is fine most of the time.

We provide fast turn-around service on our sign letter orders and the 50/50 deposit/balance process will typically slow your shipment down, however this option is available.

Why Do You Use The PayPal System?

This way our company does not need to handle any credit card information at any time. This means that we do not receive, handle, or store credit card data for any transactions. We like it this way. If you cannot process your payment through PayPal (using most major credit cards, even without a PayPal account) you will need to pay us via check or money order.