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Installing Stud Mount Letters
Always Check
Pattern Prior
To Beginning

1. Check pattern FIRST!

Tape up template.

2. Tape one edge of the template to the installation surface with masking tape and unroll it. Level the template and tape the other edge to the installation surface.

Drilling the holes.
3. Drill 1/4" holes 3 inches deep where indicated on our template. Remove the template and clean out all drill holes using any of the following methods: a quick puff of air; using the vents on your drill; compressed air or a turkey baster.
Insert studs into the drilled holes.

4. Insert the studs into the stud holes on the back of each letter. Now fill the drill holes in the wall of the first letter with silicone.

Push the tube of silicone over each stud.

5. Push the tube of silicone over each stud on the first letter in order to evenly coat it with adhesive.

Push the letter into the drill holes.

6. Push the letter into the drill holes using a shim to assure the proper standoff of the letter from the wall. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for the rest of the letters.