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These changeable sign letters (FlexChange, ChangeAD, etc.) would be classified as flexible plastic letters because they bend (or flex) very easily so that they would practically bend in half. They "flex" for placing them into their tracking and often will have a slight arch to them while in the lettering track (even though they often fit exactly in the track without any "bulge"). These changeable letters would be placed into the sign tracks by one of two methods:

1) slide the letter into the track from the end of the track set (sometimes the letters may "hang-up" due to variations in the track spacing or very slight letter orientation changes). This ease of movement in the track could allow letters to "walk" in front of one another in the track.

2) place the letter inline by bending (flexing) the sign letter and slipping it up into the top track and into the lower track (some track systems are designed to use the flex pressure of the letter to keep it in place)

The kits shown here will provide enough standard replacement characters for general messages to your customers, church family or by-passing motorists. Using our letter set for portable sign systems will give you enough flexible sign letters to spell entire words, instead of attempting to make-up abbreviations or chop-up (we meant to say customize) letters to make others.

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