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Rigid Plastic Changeable Letters

Non-Flexible Readerboard Changeable Sign Letter Sets

In this collection of changeable sign letters you will find very high quality replacement lettering sets. This group would be classified as flat rigid plastic letters ( hard plastic letters ) because they bend (or flex) very little, if at all. To order letters you will need both letter height and panel height. This type of copy change letter will not "flex" to be placed into the tracking. These rigid plastic changeable letters would be placed into the sign letter tracks by using one of two methods:

1) slide the letter into the sign track from the end of the letter track set

2) place the sign letter directly inline by slipping it up into the top track, pushing the bottom in, and dropping the bottom into the lower track

The replacement readerboard lettering kits (and individual characters) shown on the following pages will provide many years of changeable messages for your customers, church family or by-passing motorists to see, read, and enjoy.

Choose from these changeable sign letter products...