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Century Schoolbook Bold

Century Schoolbook Bold - Formed Plastic Sign Letters

The formed plastic sign letters in this typeface are available in the letter heights shown in the listing below.  These formed plastic sign letters will have a rounded face surface (as compared to the faces of our flat-faced formed plastic letters or our bevel-faced plastic sign letters) and the letter sides will curve toward the rear in a smooth arch in contrast to the angled edges on our flat-faced formed plastic letters or the "sharp" sides of a Minnesota Brand injection molded plastic letter.

These high quality formed plastic sign letters are produced by experienced craftsmen at Gemini, Inc. (the world leading manufacturer of architectural signage) and will add a professional touch to your dimensional letters.  These thermally molded plastic sign letters are routinely used on building signage, either indoor or outdoor. We have separated the listings below based upon which letter style you need.

Choose from the available sign letter heights shown below...

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